Quake 3 Biker Character

Woodcarving by Todd Wisell

A friend of mine (Todd Wisell) who is learning wood carving asked me if there was something that I would be interested in having carved out of wood. I had helped him with some stuff and gave him a TV card that I had that I wasn't using. I couldn't decide what I would like to have carved. He mentioned possibly a cartoon character and I then thought about the character that I use when I play Quake 3.

Most of the time when I play Quake 3 I use the Biker model. I took some screen shots of the Biker model using a Quake 3 Model Viewer and gave them to Todd.

He liked the idea and thought it would be an interesting challenge for him. I look forward to seeing the finished product.

Screenshots of the Quake 3 Biker character. (4/15/08)

Below is a high level look of Todd's progress while carving this character. There are more pictures here. Pictures of Todd's experiments with creating the tatoo's here.

Somewhere in this block of wood is a Quake character (4/23/08)

It starts to take shape (4/23/08)

Nothing like a rocket launcher(6/13/08)

The finer details are taking shape (hair/boots/jeans/patch on vest) (9/13/08)

Starting to take on some color and a place to stand. (10/5/08)

At the New England Wood Carvers Annual Competition sporting a blue ribbon. (10/19/08)
Todd entered 3 carvings all of them got a blue ribbon and now has to move to the expert class. On 10/23 Todd handed over the carving to me. His project turned out so much better than I expected. I'm honored that he trusts me to take care of his carving. To me it's priceless. I can't go out and buy anything like this.

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