Quake 3 Biker Character

Woodcarving by Todd Wisell

A friend of mine (Todd Wisell) who is learning wood carving asked me if there was something that I would be interested in having carved out of wood. I had helped him with some stuff and gave him a TV card that I had that I wasn't using. I couldn't decide what I would like to have carved. He mentioned possibly a cartoon character and I then thought about the character that I use when I play Quake 3.

Most of the time when I play Quake 3 I use the Biker model. I took some screen shots of the Biker model using a Quake 3 Model Viewer and gave them to Todd.

He liked the idea and thought it would be an interesting challenge for him. I look forward to seeing the finished product.

Screenshots of the Quake 3 Biker character. (4/15/08)

Below is a high level look of Todd's progress while carving this character.
More pictures here.
Pictures of Todd's experiments with creating the tatoo's here.

Somewhere in this block of wood is a Quake character (4/23/08)

It starts to take shape (4/23/08)

Nothing like having a nice rocket launcher (6/13/08)

The finer details are taking shape (hair/boots/jeans/patch on vest) (9/13/08)

Starting to take on some color and a place to stand. (10/5/08)

At the New England Wood Carvers Annual Competition sporting a blue ribbon. (10/19/08)

Todd entered 3 carvings, and all of them got a blue ribbon. He now has to move to the expert class.

On 10/23 Todd handed over the carving to me. His project turned out so much better than I expected. I'm honored that he trusts me to take care of his carving. To me it's priceless. I can't go out and buy anything like this.

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