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PostHeaderIcon Unexpected Off Road Excursion with my Vee

The weather was beautiful on Sep 28th (it was almost too hot). I went for a ride around Lake Winnipesaukee and I decided to come home on a road that I have never been on (Winona Rd). I missed the stop sign warning sign. It has a stop sign in the middle of a turn with no intersecting road. It is for a narrow single lane underpass that goes under an old railroad track. I just happened to be playing with my Go Pro, experimenting on where to mount it. The sound is messed up because my helmet strap and headphone wires are flapping in the wind.

PostHeaderIcon KLR Update

Here are some pictures of my KLR after adding the various updates I got for it. I replaced the front fender with an OEM one. I purchased a 2011 KLR header pipe (stainless steel) on eBay. Replaced the giant rusty stock muffler with a DG slip on. I found a deal on a 2008 KLR luggage rack on eBay which is a bolt on except for the directionals. I added a set of Dirt Rack crash bars and the only other external mod are some brush guards I got on eBay.

Here is what the exhaust sounds like. There is a slight ringing/chirpy sound and that is the 1″ tip rattling around a little. The video was before I took it apart and added RTV to the end and insert to seal it all up.