Stanley Steamers owned by Clinton Atkinson

Clinton's Other Steam Cars

Clinton's 1904 Model C 10 HP taken in 1912


Clinton's 1912 Model 87 30 HP

This car was purchased by Paul Bourdon, restored, and sold to Clarence Marshal and is located at the Marshall Steam Museum


Clinton's 1916 Stanley Touring (Model 725 20 HP) now owned by Don Bourdon. Taken 2001


Clinton's 1922 Stanley Roadster


Clinton's 1923 Sedan with Clinton standing beside it.

1923 Sedan with my father driving


1950 Concord Monitor Article

The Concord Monitor newspaper had a small article with picture about Clinton's 1923 Stanley sedan. More…

Stanley Museum
Quarterly Article

My Uncle Richard wrote an article about my grandfather and it was published in the Stanley Museum Quarterly More…

Six Tone Whistle

Clinton created a 6 Tone Whistle and gave one to Paul Bourdon. More…

First Time seeing a Steam Car

A description of the first time that Clinton saw a steam car More…

Technical Information

This page is devoted to the technical side of steam cars. It includes 3 pages that I found in an old book called, "Dykes Automobile and Gasoline Engine Encylopedia." More…