Six Tone Whistle

My grandfather created a 6 tone whistle in the 30's. While going through my grandfathers stuff we found these Whistle Drawings.


Picture of a whistle believed to be in the possession of the Boscawen Historical Society

Clinton also gave one to Paul Bourdon and this is the way it looks today mounted on a 1912 Model 63 10 HP.


Listen To The whistle

This is an ad for a version of the whistle that is being manufactured today. The original ad is about 3/4's of the way down this page:

I have reproduced the ad here. Click here to hear the whistle.

~ For Sale ~

Brass Steam Whistles

3 1/2 in. diameter
18 in. long
1 in dia. bells
$439 ea.

Call Rick for Info:
800-917-1993 Ext. 1


CNC Machined
Click to enlarge image


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Six Tone Whistle

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