Concord Monitor Article (1950).

Fourteen Miles on a Gallon of Kerosene

Concord Monitor - October 14, 1950

Clinton H. Atkinson of Penacook isn't worried about gasoline rationing - that's a 1923 Stanley Steamer he and Mrs. Atkinson are showing to Miss Libbie Dodd, a neighbor.

The big seven-passenger steamer is the pride and joy of the Atkinsons. Since 1911, the family has had a dozen of them, but the 1923 model is the best of the lot. Its motor and all-aluminum body are in perfect condition. The engine carries 500 pounds of steam, and the big wheels take 700-20 tires.

Mr. Atkinson operates the locomotive at Stratton Flour Company's mill in Penacook. In his spare time he tinkers with his hobby, steam automobiles. Two others are now parked in his yard for minor repairs.

The Atkinson family enjoys its unusual conveyance, as do Penacook people, who seldom miss an opportunity to lift the hood to inspect its intricate interior when they find it parked in the shopping district. The engine is a mass of pipes that confuse everybody but Mr. Atkinson, and the asbestos-covered boiler bears no resemblance to the conventional gasoline motors usually found in the front end of automobiles.

Mr. Atkinson sold this same 1923 model Stanley to a New York man several years ago, and recently bought it back. He has had several offers to sell, but plans to hold onto this choice item in his collection.

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